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Electronic Filing in Colorado Family Law Cases Expands Amid Growing Trend

Maddie Hosack
In May, the Colorado Judicial Branch announced that a pilot program allowing documents in family court cases to be filed online will expand. Many courts in the last year have implemented or bolstered their e-filing systems in order to keep the legal system moving amidst courthouse closures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Federal Pro Se Clinic in Colorado Helps the Public Navigate Our Federal Courts

Kristen L. Mix
Since 2018, the Colorado Bar Association Federal Pro Se Clinic has been helping people navigate the overwhelming process of filing and pursuing a lawsuit in federal court without a lawyer. Use of the clinic has increased substantially in the time it has been in operation, and all signs point to increasing demand for...

Conference of Chief Justices Issues Resolution Urging Regulatory Innovation

Zachariah DeMeola
Efforts to re-regulate and innovate legal services took a major step forward last week at the Conference of Chief Justices’ midyear meeting, where members adopted Resolution 2. With the adoption of this resolution, CCJ adds its voice to the chorus calling for solutions to close the justice gap and rethinking the...

Justice for All Initiative Expands Opportunities for More States to Participate

Brooke Meyer
Between 2016 and 2018, 11 states were awarded grants under the Justice for All Initiative. Now they've completed their strategic planning processes and are ready to begin the implementation phase, with common themes among plans being use of technology, strong governanance, and internal and external communications.

Colorado Lawyer Self-Assessment Program Helps Attorneys Increase Access to Justice

Zachary Willis
​IAALS has long focused on increasing access to justice by helping courts develop policies and procedures to make civil litigation more efficient and less expensive. But it’s not just courts and judges that can improve access to justice—attorneys too can take steps to refine their practices to help bridge the justice...