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New Report Recommends Courtroom Efficiency Strategies for Judges, from Judges

Zachary Willis
IAALS, in conjunction with the ACTL, has released a new report that highlights key civil case management techniques for judges that have the potential to streamline litigation in their courtrooms. Working Smarter, Not Harder: How Excellent Judges Manage Cases documents the recommendations and key practices of nearly...

Evaluating Our Appellate Judges: Reviewing Performance and Informing Voters

Zachary Willis
Appellate judges in 38 states stand for election. But how much do we know about them? Are they fair? Do they write opinions that parties can understand? Are they doing a good job? With only a fraction of states providing such information about appellate judges, very few voters have what they need to make an informed...

Recipe for Rules Change Success: An Update on Colorado's Pilot Project Evaluation

Corina D. Gerety
This short update on the Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project evaluation provides information on the specifics and timing of the evaluation that IAALS is conducting in Colorado. We hope this information will provide some reassurance to the Colorado legal community on what to expect in the coming year, while also...

A Nationwide Look at Short, Summary, and Expedited Trial Programs—And Implementation Strategies

Brittany Kauffman
Many jurisdictions around the country have implemented alternative processes that are designed to provide litigants with speedy and less expensive access to civil trials. These programs generally involve a simplified pretrial process and a shortened trial on an expedited basis. This new resource offers a summary chart...

A Roadmap for Changing Court Procedures to Improve the Civil Justice System

Corina D. Gerety
Over the past few years, IAALS has been tracking the Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project, along with numerous other rules projects across the country. These efforts are aimed at providing greater access to civil justice and at better achieving the goals of a just, speedy, and inexpensive civil justice system. This new...

Implicit Bias in Our Courts: From Juries to Judicial Performance Evaluation

Zachary Willis
Richard Gabriel recently penned an article for CNN following the conclusion of the George Zimmerman trial, in which he referenced several reports that examine potential biases in the justice system. Among them was IAALS’ Leveling the Playing Field: Gender, Ethnicity, and Judicial Performance Evaluation , which...