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June 11, 2020
Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation in England and Wales Calls for Change

June 10, 2020
Just as Predicted, Lawyers Rush to Protect the Status Quo

May 14, 2020
California Bar Trustees Move Toward New Regulatory ‘Sandbox’

May 13, 2020
With Californians Needing Access to Justice, the California Bar Should Advance Reform

May 13, 2020
Regulation in a time of crisis: Covid-19, access to justice and regulation in the USA

May 1, 2020
Revolutionizing the Business of Law

April 27, 2020
Utah's high court proposes nonlawyer ownership of law firms and wide-ranging reforms

April 15, 2020
Professional Regulation and Federalism in the Coronavirus Crisis: Let’s Remove Access Barriers

April 8, 2020
California Law Firm Ownership Debate Ignites Lobbying

April 1, 2020
Arizona Attorney: Law Practice at a Crossroads

March 31, 2020
Legal reform supporters will keep advocating for California sandbox proposal

March 18, 2020
Arizona Task Force Files Petition to Adopt Regulatory Framework

March 15, 2020
Rule Makers versus Risk Takers

March 13, 2020
Update: ATILS State Bar of California Trustees’ Vote

March 11, 2020
Legal Education, Get Ready for Regulatory Reform

March 9, 2020
Province trying to make legal services more accessible

March 6, 2020
Arizona calling: US reforms keep moving forward: Florida next.

March 4, 2020
Florida Supreme Court Asks Bar to Study Lawyer Regulation and Access to Justice

February 28, 2020
ABA President-Elect Patricia Refo Outlines Questions Surrounding Re-Regulation

February 25, 2020
What the U.S. Can Learn From the U.K. Foray Into Nonlawyer Ownership

February 24, 2020
The Fight Over the Future of Law Firm Ownership Has Put an Industry at Odds

February 19, 2020
Law Society of Saskatchewan amends Legal Profession Act to expand access to legal services

February 17, 2020
To increase access to justice, regulatory innovation should be considered, ABA House says

February 16, 2020
Bar Group Aims For Lasting Impact With Access to Justice Report

February 13, 2020
Conference of Chief Justices Issues Resolution Urging Regulatory Innovation

February 6, 2020
A Sign of the Times: ABA Resolution Supporting Regulatory Innovation Among States

February 4, 2020
The Story So Far: California Regulatory Reform

February 1, 2020
We must not squander the future of legal services

January 31, 2020
IAALS Announces Spring Speaker Series on the Future of Legal Services

January 28, 2020
Nothing is off-limits for this California bar task force

January 23, 2020
California Bar Mulls Licensing Nonlawyer Professionals

January 23, 2020
D.C. Latest Jurisdiction to Mull Law Firm Ownership Rule Changes

January 16, 2020
ROSS Founder on Why Law Needs to be 'Re-regulated'

January 13, 2020
Legal Tech Is Experiencing Stunted Growth in Asia

January 9, 2020
Connecticut Launches State of the Legal Profession Task Force

January 9, 2020
Re-regulating legal services in the US

December 12, 2019
We Have Lost the Self-Regulation Argument: With or Without Us, the Public Is Moving On

December 5, 2019
How Reregulation Could Benefit Lawyers

December 3, 2019
ABA Could Encourage States to Allow Outside Ownership of Law Firms

November 29, 2019
Law firms snub reform at their peril

November 28, 2019
Lawyer ‘monopoly’ hampers consumer access to legal tech, says former AG Chris Bentley

November 21, 2019
Reregulation, Not Deregulation

November 19, 2019
California Legal Access Recommendations Delayed Until March

November 14, 2019
When the Rules Stagnate Innovation, Change the Rules

November 14, 2019
Self-regulation: the end of an era? Lawyer discipline and the role of law societies

November 7, 2019
Illinois Is Also Exploring Legal Regulation Reform

November 4, 2019
Nonlawyer Law Firms Inch Closer To Reality

November 1, 2019
Utah to Test Initiative for Allowing Nonlawyer Legal Providers

October 31, 2019
Join Us in Unlocking Legal Regulation: More Legal Service Providers, More Access to Justice, and a More Sustainable Legal Profession

October 20, 2019
California Should Embrace Nonlawyer Providers

October 15, 2019
LawNext Podcast: Utah’s Bold Experiment to Reimagine Legal Services

October 10, 2019
Is the US at a tipping point?

October 4, 2019
IAALS' Comment to the California Task Force on Legal Regulation and Enhancing the Provision of Legal Services

September 22, 2019
Like It Or Not, Law May Open Its Doors To Nonlawyers

September 20, 2019
Commentary: Momentum is building to fix our legal system. Let’s seize it.

September 18, 2019
Legal Regulation in the Age of Disruption

August 20, 2019
Legal Tech for Non-Lawyers: Persistent Barrier Holding Back Development

August 19, 2019
Are Law Firms Sustainable? It's The Model That Matters

August 7, 2019
Regulatory Sandboxes for the Legal Industry

July 18, 2019
Re-regulating Lawyers for the 21st Century

March 27, 2019
Uber, Taxis and the Legal Market

August 15, 2018
Our Profession’s Losing Battle Against the Market